Experienced teachers, musicians and dancers who teach English traditional and historic dance & song in schools across the UK.


  • Mumming plays as a Christmas alternative
  • Music and Dance in your Tudor studies
  • Life and Work in Victorian Times
  • Nelsons Navy and the Regency period
  • Maypole Dancing
  • Country Dancing
  • Morris Dancing
  • Clog Dancing & Percussive dance

Mike Ruff

Tudor ~ Regency ~ Victorian ~ Maypole ~ Morris ~ Country Dancing ~ Mumming

Mike’s career is as a musician, dancer and teacher and now also includes author and speaker.  He performs with the ceilidh band Quicksilver and Music Hall Duo Allcock & Brown and dances with St Albans morris. For Tradamis his focus is now on developing the various resources for Maypole, Morris and Country Dancing, training the teachers and mentoring some of the younger members but is still available to do teaching when he can.

Phone: 01727 831917



Alison Rowley

Tudors ~ Maypole ~ Country Dancing ~ Scottish & Irish ~ Regency

Alison is a Bristol-based professional musician, composer and workshop leader with a Music degree from the University of Cambridge. She is an experienced fiddle player and caller, regularly performing with ceilidh bands and as a solo violinist. Over the last decade she has run countless traditional music and dance workshops in primary schools across the South of England, and she is a founder member of the mAy team.



Lisa Heywood

Morris ~ Country Dancing ~ Scottish Ceilidh ~ Science/Arts Workshops

Lisa is a dancer and dance teacher based in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. She regularly teaches country dancing and Scottish ceilidh dancing at a range of different events and has performed morris dancing across the UK, including performances at the Royal Albert Hall and the Sage Gateshead. In addition to the arts, Lisa has a background in science communication. She has facilitated science workshops as part of the Live Science Team at We The Curious science centre in Bristol, at Edinburgh Science Festival, and with the organisation Science Ceilidh.

Phone: 07531 942518



Stephen & Lois Knight

Medieval ~ Tudors ~ Maypole ~ Ballroom & Latin ~ Morris ~ Country Dancing ~ Dad Dancing

Lois and Stephen have been involved in the folk world for many years and, with their involvement with historical re-enactment, their interest in dance is truly eclectic. For them, dance is a passion that they love to share with others. Whether it is interspersing dances into a history experience day, running short workshops or whole day experiences you will be on your feet and moving to the beat before you know it.

Phone: 07540 860930



Anne Garrison

Maypole ~ Victorian

Anne is a qualified teacher of movement & dance. She is a founder member and is now leader of Aldbrickham Clog & Step Dancers. Anne has also worked on dance & drama projects. In recent years she has taught maypole sessions in schools and colleges, and with a variety of groups for may day and summer celebrations.

Phone: 0118 947 4244



Claire Butler


Claire Butler is a Maypole dance teacher based in Derbyshire. She spreads her enthusiasm for Maypole dancing in many different settings from schools to festivals and WI meetings to weddings. Claire works with her Maypole with everyone from pre-school age through to older adults. Claire has a Masters degree in Community Education and a PGCE.

Phone: 07725 993708



Penny Brookman

Tudors ~ Maypole ~ Morris ~ Country Dancing ~ Mumming ~ Regency

Penny Brookman has taken Morris and traditional dance around the world, and upheld the tradition of maypole dancing in her  village.  Penny has a Masters degree in Performing Arts and PGCE.

Phone: 01488 683314


We are also pleased to work with Alice Cade (Maypole, Country Dancing & Step Dancing) & Alison Heywood (Maypole, Country Dancing & Morris).