Maypole Dancing

Maypole dancing in school today requires energy, co-ordination, teamwork and is a whole load of fun for boys and girls of all ages!

We can supply teachers and musicians, with a maypole for a whole or part day. Often we teach maypole dances which are then performed at school fundraising events. See below (Option B).

Maypole sessions can be adapted for wheelchair users.

Maypoles at Summer Events

Option A: An activity for people to join in

This can be the cheapest option with costs starting from about £300 + travel for a single person with Maypole and some help from the event organisers in stewarding etc.  It can of course become much more, with demonstrations by The mAy Team or even a full show with costumed dancers, minstrels and more as we have done at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.  The limits are your budget and our imagination.

Option B: Performance Show

This is a sort of halfway house.  All of the above but this time the children get a chance to actually perform specific dances and this involves rehearsal beforehand although it need only be one session and, depending on the locality, that need not add a lot to the cost.

Option C: The Tradition Starts Here

This is when the school, or other organisation, purchases the pole. Tradamis can arrange an initial teaching session – these are not only for the children but increasingly we have found it useful to have a session for teachers, other staff and parents, so there is a common experience and it becomes a team resource.  A single inset/twilight session costs as £200 + travel and a full day around £300+ travel .  After that the school can work out their own show with assistance from Tradamis practitioners if required.  The advantages here are that although costs are higher in the first year, the school is purchasing a resource, often from a separate budget (or Trustees or PTAs etc), which can be used not only in future years but also throughout the year as a cross curricular teaching tool.

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