Country Dancing

Photo by Ted Palmer

Country dances are social dances from all historical periods and social classes.

The country dance are essentially figure dances done by couples (who sometimes change partners during the dance) in various formations: long lines, squares, rounds etc. Once the figures have been learned, various steps can be taught or the dancers can be left do their own thing.

There can either be an emphasis on the historical techniques of the dances or modern ways of doing them.

Figures and steps can be combined to create new dances or even mixed with other styles of dancing, there is much scope for creativity. Develops spatial and social awareness.

You may have been to a Barn Dance (or “Ceilidh”, to give it a Celtic flavour), an evening of various country dances  (of English, Scottish, American or other origin) with a caller and band, the emphasis very much on having fun and socialising.

Developing from the original social dance of Tudor England and enjoyed by all walks of life from the 16th to the 21st century.  Still as much fun now as ever. For all ages and abilities.

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