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We can supply a variety of educational resources. Please click here to place an order (you will be redirected to our Order Form on another website).

The books, CDs and DVDs are supplied by us; we source Maypoles and ribbons from our suppliers.

Please note: prices listed on this page are a guide only. Up-to-date pricing can be found on the Order Form at the link above.

The Complete Resource Pack

All you need for Traditional Dancing.

Special offer bundle: Morris! Hey! Pack AND Maypole Manual Pack AND Quicksilver Barn Dance Book

£50 + p&p

Morris! Hey! An Introduction to Morris Dancing

Book, CD & DVD by Mike Ruff  & The Morris Hey Set

The Morris! Hey! pack contains instructions for 6 Morris Dances, three from the Cotswold traditions, one each from the North West and Border traditions and an introduction to Molly Dancing with suggestions for creating your own dances.

Thanks to the generosity of one of our benefactors we have a limited number of copies of Morris! Hey! for at the amazing price of £20 + p&p (usual price £40 + p&p)

The Maypole Manual

Book & CD by Mike Ruff and Jenny Read

Everything you need to know to get started, including diagrams of 19 dances along with a 14 track CD.

The manual  also has information on the origins and history of Maypole Dancing, Inclusion, Links to the wider curriculum, music for musicians anaypole Manual has full colour pictured much more.

Book & CD: £35 + p&p

Book only: £25 + p&p

CD only: £12 + p&p

NEW: Now also available in ebook and download format!

Quicksilver Barn Dance Book


Seven “Quick and Easy” dances suitable for young children, inexperienced dancers and teachers.

There are four more to take you to the next stage and a bonus three Tudor dances for some instant history.

This book can be used with the Maypole Madness CD – Quicksilver’s own version of the music for the Maypole Manual.

Book only: £10 + p&p

Book & CD: £15 + p&p

Maypole for indoor or outdoor use

Steel pole in 2 sections for easy transport and storage, surmounted by revolving circle and crown, both fitted with hooks to allow for up to 24 dancers. Special base now with added weight for extra stability.

Epoxy coated in Forest Green

24 ribbons (braids) in red, yellow, green and blue

Pole length: 274 cm

Square base: 95 cm x 95 cm

Overall height: 366 cm

£470.12 + VAT (free p&p)

Previously £499.09 + VAT. Price reduced in 2023 due to falling price of steel!

Spare/Replacement Set of Maypole Braids

If your braids are a bit tatty or you can’t find them we can supply a new set.

£119.77 + VAT (free p&p)

Spare/Replacement Maypole Crown

Original crown lost or damaged? Buy a new one here.

£194.86 + VAT (free p&p)

Bold Nelson’s Praise

Dances, Songs, Tunes and Costume from 1805.

Sing a Song of Nelson ballads & songs of Nelson’s Navy

Sprigs of laurel for Admiral Nelson country dances from around 1805

A Tune for the Times selection of dance, band and other tunes

The Sailor’s Hornpipe by Anne Daye

Dressing the part: Simple costumes

£10 + p&p

Only a few copies remaining! If you would like a copy please contact Mike Ruff directly.