Tradamis was set up in 2003 for 2 major Creative Partnership Projects in Slough.  Since that time we have expanded the range of options delivering projects and workshop sessions all over the country.  Our clients are schools, museums, heritage sites and community groups.

Tradamis now has a new board of Trustees and something of a new direction to reflect changes in the cultural and economic climate.  We are now looking for opportunities to collaborate with different organisations offering ideas and support in teaching, training and finding funds.

For schools the practitioners will still be available to provide days or even weeks of teaching.  However we do realise that Teacher Training Sessions and suitable resources can be a much more cost effective option and will be developing these to meet the demand.

Tradamis is a Registered Charity which aims to provide traditional dance and music to schools and the wider arts world nationwide

Trustees: Mike Ruff, Ann Wise, Gopi Keilman

Charity Registration number: 1109355

Address: 27 Runcie Close, St Albans   AL4 9AX